+remember when thing;  +and thing became bad;  +that's w live;  +kai;  +taemin;  +w live;  

sehun, kai ,luhan for WLIVE

+golden trio;  +golden days;  +golden era;  +old but still gold;  +sehun;  +kai;  +luhan;  +w live;  

+apparently this is acceptable;  +kackada.;  +sehun;  +there are lots of things i could say and not enough profanity to encompass all of it;  +w live;  +dark hair;  

20-21/100 picture of Soojung 

+krystal;  +sehun;  +w live;  +dark hair;  


best of w korea live w/ taemin, jonghyun, krystal, sulli, luhan, sehun and kai

+i remember how this was the first time we ever officially heard kai's voice and we were all like;  +WHOA HOLD THE FUCK UP;  +HE ISN'T PREPUBESCENT AT ALL???;  +thus began the inevitable downward spiral into exo fandom;  +8||||||;  +w live;  +s/o to jongstal being flawless dumb fucks;  

+luhan;  +w live;  +q;  

+i don't.;  +need.;  +this.;  +again.;  +sehun;  +w live;  +no i cannot;  +take this;  +dark hair;  

+krystal;  +sulli;  +w live;  

+taemin;  +w live;  

+smfh tbh;  +w live;  +this video was death in pixels;