Karaoke Terror.
                                 {松田龍平 films: 샤이니 edition}

A gang of idle teens joined only by their shared love of karaoke are pit against a group of middle aged women, likewise joined by a love for karaoke, in an escalating cycle of vengeance when one of the teens tries to pick up one of the women on a whim and reacts with bloody violence when he thinks she is mocking him in her rejection. The game of ‘one of yours for one of mine’ escalates with each killing being bigger and more extreme than the one before until, finally, nobody is left standing…

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make me choose
lucifer taemin vs. sherlock taemin

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Compared to Taemin, I didn’t know a lot about being a ‘singer’ and when I first came to the company, Taemin was so good at dancing. So instead of competing, I thought that I should learn from him, and I actually did learn a lot from Taemin. And then, when Taemin first debuted and I was left alone, a lot of people asked me if I felt jealous or the need to compete since we’re the same age and yet Taemin debuted first. I was in the situation of learning and I thought it was natural that I wasn’t to debut.©

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k’aura | do not edit.

k’aura | do not edit.

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taemin pls at least bother to learn about your bff’s group…

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taemin scaring jongin ; angle 1 & angle 2

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