Compared to Taemin, I didn’t know a lot about being a ‘singer’ and when I first came to the company, Taemin was so good at dancing. So instead of competing, I thought that I should learn from him, and I actually did learn a lot from Taemin. And then, when Taemin first debuted and I was left alone, a lot of people asked me if I felt jealous or the need to compete since we’re the same age and yet Taemin debuted first. I was in the situation of learning and I thought it was natural that I wasn’t to debut.©

+;-;;  +taemin;  +kai;  +taekai;  

+holy shit;  +fanart;  +taemin;  +kai;  

+once upon a time an angel fell in love with the devil. it didn't end well.;  +COLOR CONTRAST;  +*-*;  +jongtae;  +jonghyun;  +taemin;  

k’aura | do not edit.

k’aura | do not edit.

+if you think shineexo isn't real please leave;  +kai;  +taemin;  

+remember when thing;  +and thing became bad;  +that's w live;  +kai;  +taemin;  +w live;  


+'how many members are there in exo';  +'GIRLS DAY';  +taemin: forgets number of members in best friend's group forgets girlfriend's band name;  +A+++++;  +taemin;  

taemin pls at least bother to learn about your bff’s group…

+omg CHILD;  +CHILD;  +taemin;  +key;  

taemin scaring jongin ; angle 1 & angle 2

+i bet if you sneezed around jongin;  +he'd scream;  +taemin;  +kai;  


everyone bowing … and then there’s kai

no wonder they’re best friends 


everyone bowing … and then there’s kai

imageno wonder they’re best friends 

+princesses of kpop;  +kai;  +taemin;  

+taemin;  +krystal;  +;u;;