do you no longer write fic? i read that you don't check lj anymore i was wondering what that meant

i do check lj but far less often! and i feel pretty detached from the lj community as of late, so if i do check i usually don’t answer messages. i do still write fic, just not in exo fandom and also far less often haha o<-<

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Once you get this, you have to say five nice things about yourself publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers :) <3


  1. i have bomb ass hair 
  2. i have bomb ass eyeliner game
  3. i am really witty
  4. i am fiercely loyal
  5. i can make any seafood taste amazing
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Do you still like SHINee?

i’m always gonna like shinee! they mean a lot to me, even if i don’t actively participate in the fandom anymore

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8 and 11 screenshot your ksh stash

whooo are you and how do you know about my ksh stash


don’t. just don’t. just. don’t. 


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Out of the fics you've written, are there any that you are quite proud of, and are there any that you wish never saw the light of day?

:o this is a really interesting question!

i think the one fic that i will always be proud of not because i just managed to finish it but because i worked hard on it is anything you synthesize. but i’m also pretty satisfied w/ fragile eternity, continental divide, murder in a house of angels, and all my life time, 오직너만가져도돼 !

as for ones that i wish never saw the light of day—well there are a lot actually HAHA pretty much anything pre-2012 and a lot of my exo exchange fic but i’d probably pay actual money to erase the existences of just listen, call me loveless, ghost protocol, memory card, I’M GONNA STOP I COULD GO ON BUT I’M PAINING MYSELF

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hi! i left you a comment on your lj but i think you didn't answer, so I may ask you here. Can i translate your fanfic ''fragile eternity'' to spanish? I will give you full credits and everything, I promise! (as soon as my live journal is made, i can send you a message or something) :D

sorry i don’t check lj anymore

read this

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6, 10, 13, 23, 25, 30, 39, 45 ^^ please and thankyouu

6. favorite fic (or one of them)?

hmmm i have to say it’s still there will come soft rains by iliaccrests!!! THIS IS SUCH A HARD QUESTION

10. favorite trope/element/scenario in fic?

i hope snark/sarcasm is considered an element, because if yes then those

13. has a fic ever made you cry?

no actually not

23. biggest turn-offs in fic?

ooc-ness god ooc-ness luhan is not a baby KYUNGSOO IS NOT A FAIRY PRINCESS and glaring grammar issues and UNWARNED CONTENT WHY IS SOMEONE [TW] COMMITTING SUICIDE WITHOUT WARNING??? WHY

25. any kinks you’d like to try in real life?

i haven’t thought about it man, fic is fic life is life

30. favorite porn fic?


39. favorite au fic?

zodiac by umberela/black_goose it’s addicting af i gotta say

45. favorite fluff fic?

haha oh man sugar, we’re going down swingin’ by canttakeabreath for sure

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it's rly not a day on tumblr without you crying about superhero otps that could have been

i’m really glad to hear that i am your personal embodiment of “ALLISON ARGENT IS DEAD”

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this is it i’ve found it i’ve found hell i’ve found satan

it’s konnie

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hello! i'm in the need of some LJ help - did you have to pay for your account to be able to have a custom html theme? i found this html code for a theme that i really like but i don't know how and where to change it? thank you!

nope! you don’t need a paid account. you change your html code for your theme by going to journal > journal style > customize your theme > custom css. paste your html code into the box that says “custom stylesheet” and make sure the above three options are all set to no. make sure you’re using the right base though, such as smooth sailing or flexible squares. then just make necessary adjustments, but that’s pretty much it!

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