if you ever continue mall au, make sure to give us a heads up!! ^^ Your writing is wonderful :)

haha okay, i will! thanks i’m glad you think so!

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hey, i love your stories! i was wondering, how long does it usually take for you to write a fic? and how do you usually plan it? :)

thanks!! uh depends on the fic and how inspired i am! sometimes i can crank out something in a day, other times i let it stew. but on average it takes anywhere from 2-4 days or 10-15 days for short and long fics respectively!!

as for planning i usually don’t do much more than just thinking a lot in the shower LMAO. or writing bits and pieces of scenes that come to mind on my phone??? if the fic is going to be longer than 15k i do some characterization outlining or write down quotes that person would say and go from there but i don’t really have an organized…planning process lol

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I never knew you wrote a bts fic.... This is new and I must find it.... Can get a link to your fic?

LOL yep i did, here you go!

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even if you dont continue writing exo, thanks for so many amazing fics :)) maybe you'll find some inspiration soon! i hope you have a lovely day

thanks!!! yw i am glad! have a lovely day too, friend

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hi... im a big fan of your writing. I wonder if you are on hiatus? if you someday will pick up your pen again? i miss your stories, they light up my days. <3

hi anon! yeah i kinda am! i never really ever put the pen down so to speak, but i’m not writing for exo anymore? i’m not saying i never will again, just that. the likelihood is not huge. 

i’m sorry ;; but i’m glad to hear what i have put out there has brightened your days :D

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mall au is was and will forever be my favourite thing to exist. it makes me smile and i get all giddy when i read it. tbh its perfection. thankyou so much for writing it, i really hope you find some inspiration to continue it :))

i’m really glad to hear that anon! glad to hear that it makes you smile and feel giddy and that’s what i came out here to do! i do want to finish it but the question of whether i actually will or not is unclear. 

OTHER MALL AU ASKS I SEE YOU, i’m sorry i haven’t replied bc i have a really bad habit of checking my inbox when i’m waiting in line/in the middle of something else and forgetting to reply when i’m actually on a computer. 

why dont you write exo anymore? the mall au series is hands down my favourite exo fic evER

i don’t feel inspiration to write them anymore! simple as that, no hard feelings or anger. it just felt like my words for them have run their gamut!

i live for mall au. your mall au. i live for you. that is all.

HAHA i’m! thank you! 

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do you no longer write fic? i read that you don't check lj anymore i was wondering what that meant

i do check lj but far less often! and i feel pretty detached from the lj community as of late, so if i do check i usually don’t answer messages. i do still write fic, just not in exo fandom and also far less often haha o<-<

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Once you get this, you have to say five nice things about yourself publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers :) <3


  1. i have bomb ass hair 
  2. i have bomb ass eyeliner game
  3. i am really witty
  4. i am fiercely loyal
  5. i can make any seafood taste amazing
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Do you still like SHINee?

i’m always gonna like shinee! they mean a lot to me, even if i don’t actively participate in the fandom anymore

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8 and 11 screenshot your ksh stash

whooo are you and how do you know about my ksh stash


don’t. just don’t. just. don’t. 


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