+baekhyun;  +kris;  +THEY'RE DOING BAD THINGS OFFICER;  +growl;  


dancing to wolf in some fine-ass clothes

+main dancers;  +dansheeng mosheens;  +:\');  +kris;  +joonmyun;  +chanyeol;  

perfection at its finest 

+;____;;  +noooo;  +sehun;  +kris;  +;_____;;  

Kris the Artist 

Kris the Artist 


+kris;  +jesus christ;  +glamorous ooh the flossy flossy;  

chanyeol, you sarcastic diCK lmao

+LIFE IS LIKE THAT HE SAYS;  +kris;  +chanyeol;  +i'm DONE;  

 because only kris can handle sehun 

+kris can do anything man of steel;  +sehun;  +kris;  +chanyeol;  

I clearly remember beating away all the villains who bothered you.

From that moment, I had your heart and even shared a kiss.

My heart rode the clouds and flew.

- EXO → Peter Pan



+LOL BYE WORLD;  +kris;  +chanyeol;  +wolf;  

+kris;  +nope;  +wolf;