Jonghyun’s reaction when they showed a video of him dressed like a girl.

+good days mang;  +good days;  +jonghyun;  

+once upon a time an angel fell in love with the devil. it didn't end well.;  +COLOR CONTRAST;  +*-*;  +jongtae;  +jonghyun;  +taemin;  

when exo was announced as the winner for song of the year, jongin was so shocked that he remained sitting and staring at the ground while the other members were standing up to celebrate with shinee and go on stage. he only got up when jonghyun ran over to hug him and drag him over to the others.

+lots of cry;  +jonghyun;  +kai;  +exo;  +shinee;  

jonghyun’s hysterical laugh when jongin stopped the car from hitting yoonhye

+same;  +man of my own heart;  +jonghyun;  

jongin congratulating jonghyun on the win while jonghyun consoles him

+did you hear that it was the shatter of a thousand shineexo hearts;  +jonghyun;  +kai;  


+what did your bias do for halloween;  +jonghyun;  

34 /  gifs of jonghyun because i love his face | kim kinghyun

+perfection you mean??? yes i agree;  +jonghyun;  +first king;  

are you okay there, Jonghyun? 

+i stan a good one.;  +jonghyun;  

+oh;  +oh no;  +no this just;  +won't do;  +not at all;  +at all;  +jonghyun;