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oh man sobs, gel also asked this question and i’ve done this before so i’ll just say 10 other things i guess. ye!!!

1.) kris is ruining my life

2.) lu han is ruining my life

3.) this bastard is forever gonna be number one REGARDLESS

4.) i’m extremely, ridiculously easily scared, but i like reading mysteries and knowing lots of different horror stories and urban legends

5.) i rely mostly on hearing at night bc i’m terribly blind w/o my contacts

6.) i also hate seeing myself in the mirror at night bc my pajamas are all white and my hair is long. and black.

7.) the sight of my own blood scares me more than the sight of other people’s blood

8.) i’ve sprained my right ankle about four or five times in my life

9.) it is one of my life goals to eat poutine and timbits with her and her and her and him

10.) i recently went to an allergist and they took my weight; the first thing i did when i stepped on the scale was squeeze my eyes closed and start screaming

idk how ppl take me srsly

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